Grapnel Interactive LLC provides strategic planning, UX-based interface design and interactive marketing services for small- to medium-sized businesses. Contact us for a free consultation>>>

Grapnel, a three-pronged hook to help you climb

In nautical terms, a grapnel is a small anchor with three or more flukes that is used for anchoring a small vessel; in climbing a grapnel is a three-pronged hook that is practical and portable and used for fast mountain assents. We took this name because we can both help you ascend the peak of success and give you the tools to stay there. Grapnel Interactive has expertise in all aspects of interactive media:
  • Strategy & Planning
  • User Experience & Customer Profiling
  • Information Architecture & Taxonomy
  • SEO & SEM
  • Wordpress & Joomla Websites
  • Interface Design & Wireframes
  • Social Marketing

The Grapnel Team

Grapnel is a small company but can tackle large projects at the drop of the hat thanks to our deep bench of expert contractors and freelancers who bring years of experience to every project.

Josh Carroll
Josh has been professionally involved with the internet almost since its inception. The cofounder of Uberhaus Design in Portland, Oregon back in 1998, Josh has had among his clients Nike, Microsoft, weiden + kennedy, Alta Vista, Perason , Rockwell, Pfizer and many others. Josh also has worked extensively with colleges and universities all over the US creating interactive strategies designed to attract high-quality prospective students.


Peter Acheampong
Peter oversees all of Grapnel's turnkey web products such as domains, Microsoft Exchange implementations, servers and shared hosting environments.




Bryan Donald White
Based in Germany, Bryan has nonetheless a long history in the US. He and Josh worked in Portland at the renowned Flying I Ranch before heading off to helm Travel Portland as the Director of Technology. Bryan can do almost anything with CMS and Wordpress and has the ability to clearly explain complex technology in language anyone can understand.


Magda Ukwenday
Magda holds an MFA from the famed Rhode Island School of Design and is Grapnel's chief freelance designer. She has done quality work for several fortune 500 companies including Apple, Nike and Snapple.

Grapnel Interactive is a small company, but they deliver the quality you expect from a major league player. It's the best of both worlds."
-John Richtee, CEO of Valom Manufacturing