Information Architecture

You wouldn't dream of constructing a building without blueprints. The same applies for anything you do on the web. Contact us for a free consultation>>>

Organization equals usability. Usability equals success.

The chief goal of information architecture is to ensure a consistent user experience. There are two crucial elements to an interface: the visible navigation and the invisible underlying organizational structure.

rowersInformation architecture is often overlooked, but its omission from even a simple project can result in a less-than-usable website.

To ensure that this doesn't;'t happen, Grapnel will work with you to decide to proactively design the IA instead of letting it evolve. Stakeholders need to understand the need for an architecture and need to understand how people actually use the site. Users go to websites for very specific reasons; if these reasons aren't met then they will leave dissatisfied. It's important that management, designers and developers all work in tandem with this in mind. A Grapnel architecture can help make sure the whole team is rowing in the same direction.

Information Architecture

The information architecture is more than a site map; it's a comprehensive guide to the information on your website as it relates to the most important audience: the users. Each delivered Grapnel architecture includes:

  • A full-color PDF with breakdowns of each section of the navigation
  • A complete inventory (taxonomy) classifying existing content and content yet to be created
  • Suggestions for next steps and future parts of the site
  • Technological parity recommendations for different interfaces such as tablets & mobile
  • Optional wireframe to help guide designers in creating the interface
With the Interface, UX is King

User experience can be negatively impacted by changing circumstances. For example, in a company that has frequent reorganizations, department-based information architecture is not the best choice because the user experience will constantly change if it is based on departmental structure.

Task-based Interfaces Rule
In our extensive experience of testing how users interact with websites, Grapnel has determined that task-based navigation almost always is the right way to go. Not only does it address the users' immediate needs, it can also facilitate ease-of-learning. Task-based interfaces are durable and scalable, easily blending function and form to create a usable and effective interface.