Strategic Suite

Sound planning is at the heart of every successful venture. The Grapnel Strategic suite combines research, planning and recommendations into a single brief that can be used as a standalone guide or in conjunction with other Grapnel services.

A plan for all seasons.

Grapnel helps you determine where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. The comprehensive Strategic Suite will discover the nature of your business and its marketplace, your long- and short-term goals, what your customers expect from you and how to deliver it... all in a step-by-step professional brief complete with recommendations, information architecture and a full inventory of content for your site.

Typical Information Architecture

Website design is a relatively new science, but over the years certain standards and best practices have evolved that can have significant impact on whether a site succeeds or fails. Most of these standards comply to the evolving disciplines of user experience (UX) and information architecture. While design and aesthetics are important factors, numerous studies have shown that the single largest factor that determines a website's success is usability. It is therefore crucial that usability be addressed well before design commences.

The Strategic Suite

The Grapnel Strategic Suite will determine clearly where you are, market conditions, what your customers want and how you want to give them that. Armed with this information, we create a strategic brief that clearly presents the information for you to share with stakeholders, developers and designers. The Strategic Suite Includes:

  • Discovery Interview
  • Competitor Analysis & Market Overview
  • Customer Profiling and Personas
  • Strategic Brief
  • Website Architecture
  • Content Inventory
Clear, Precise and Succinct Reporting

The Grapnel Strategic brief is easy to understand and present to stakeholders, designers, marketing staff and developers. I

An Indispensable Tool for Success

A comprehensive understanding of resources, market conditions and goals is coupled with specific technology recommendations.